Weekly classes

MamboCity Weekly Classes

weekly foundation classes
for beginner to advanced level dancers

This is not your regular Salsa Class.

Salsa music is rich and complex. It is more than just counts, it has it’s own heartbeat known as the clave.

But do we really understand the clave? Or  Tumbao?

Go beyond just learning turn patterns. Salsa has a natural swing rooted by the foundations of afro latin rhythms. By connecting to the music you can gain a deeper understanding of movement and flow.

Friday/Saturday Parties

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Monthly Friday and Saturday Parties 

Mambo City Salsa and London Loves Bachata (LLB) 

Saturday: 6th July Celebrating Robert’s Birthday

  • Doors Open: 8pm
  • Salsa and Bachata Classes for all levels: Starting at 8:15pm
  • Dancing Salsa & Bachata Rooms until 1am
Salsa Room:
Classes with Mambo City Team & Guest…….
Teaching 3 Levels
Int/Adv. – TBA – Int/Adv Salsa On1
Improvers -Robert & Zoe Alexandria
Beginners – Janet Coombs
DJs: DJ Julian The Duke & Cruz (Bobby Blanco)

The Saturday parties are typically held on the first Saturday of the month.


Friday Party: 19th July Mambo City Salsa

  • Doors Open: 8pm
  • Salsa Classes for all levels: Starting at 8:15pm
  • Dancing Salsa Room until 1am

Intermediate/Advance Class with: TBA

Improvers Robert White & Zoe Alexandria

Beginners Elliot Johnson

DJs: Cruz (Bobby Blanco) & Guest


Mambo City Monthly Salsa, mainly Fridays but where we cannot do Fridays some additional Saturday dates will be included.

The Saturday parties are typically held on the first Saturday of the month in collaboration with London Loves Bachata (LLB).TBA

Mambo City 25th Anniversary Saturday 17th August

Come and celebrate MamboCity 25th Anniversary at our All Dayer

Doors Open @2:30pm

Classes @3pm

Party Night Ticket Holders can join classes @7pm

Dancing from 8pm until 1 am

Workshops for Beginners, Improver, Intermediate & Advance

Artiste invited so far:

★ Luanda Pau

★ Kat & Eddie

★ Edwar Ramos

★ Sasha Phillips

★ Santee Hernandez

★ Lewis Barr

★ Janet Coombs

★ Jennifer Benavidez

★ Elaine Greenwood

★ Robert White

DJs: Sergio Ribeiro – France

& Cruz

Starts 3pm til 1am

Workshops, parties and shows

Early bird prices:  

Workshops and Party: £35 

Party Only £12  

Mambo Con Son

MamboCity Mambo Con Son

10th – 12th January 2025 – Radisson Blue, Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow.

This is no ordinary Salsa Festival.

Salsa, in its depth and intricacy, is more than mere counts. From the rhythms of Son Montuno to the beats of Mambo/Salsa and the dance styles of Son and Palladium Mambo On2, right through to the contemporary New York On2 – whether your preference is On1 or On2, this weekend is set to revolutionise your dance journey.

We have assembled a line-up of prominent dancers and musicians. They’ll be conducting workshops accompanied by live percussion, piano, and bass, all aimed at deepening your grasp of rhythms, timing, and musicality.

5Star Congress

MamboCity 5 Star 2025 Graphic

2nd – 5th May 2025 – Radisson Blue, Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow.

For the last 22 years, our Congress has steadfastly been hosted at the same venue. This unwavering consistency has elevated our event to be one of the most dependable highlights on the salsa calendar. When you step into the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, you’re assured a warm welcome by our dedicated staff, and you’ll instantly recognise the effort our team puts into ensuring a memorable experience. Our lineup boasts talented instructors and performers who bring alive the dance styles of the countries they represent. Furthermore, some of the finest DJs will keep you on your feet throughout the weekend. Choose a full pass to immerse yourself in our workshops or opt for the Marathon Party pass for a weekend of uninterrupted social dancing.


Monthly 2024

Saturday 1st June

Friday 21st June

Festivals 2024

Motion City 9th – 12th August

Mambo City 25th Anniversary 17th August

Mambo Con Son 10th – 12th January 2025

5Star Congress 2nd – 5th May 2025


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